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2017 promises to be another exciting year for those who can attend our Balkanplus events in London thanks largely to our long history of cooperation with Oxford Balkansko Oro and dance groups in the north of England, notably the Barlow group in Manchester.  Stephie Clark (Oxford) has managed to lure her friend Ventzi Sotirov over from Chicago again.  The former lead dancer with the Pirin Ensemble will be teaching in Oxford and Manchester before giving a one-day workshop before our monthly dance on 8th April.  Among the many fine Ventzi dances that have endured in group repertoires are Gorbetshiiska and Kruchmarsko.  Expect some new cracking additions in April.

Iliana & Todor

Then, our dear friends Iliana Bozhanova and Todor Yankov return for a workshop weekend in London on 16th and 17th September.  Those who have had the pleasure of meeting this talented Bulgarian duo will need no encouragement to register for the workshops.  A reminder to those who can regularly attend the monthly Balkanplus dances that the purchase of a season ticket will be particularly beneficial this year - with preferential rates for both workshops.  Details are given below.

While in the UK, Iliana will announce full details of another amazing folkloric tour of Bulgaria which is expected to take place in early July 2018.  The itinerary is likely to include Sofia, the Shopluk region and mountain areas to the east.  Iliana’s tours have earned much-deserved praise because of her unique connections with professional and authentic groups and her special talent in creating itineraries which appeal to both dancers and non-dancers.  Conceived primarily for her British friends, the tours have always been open to enthusiasts from other countries – and are better for it.

Saturday 8th April - Bulgarian dance workshop with Ventzi Sotirov

  • 10.30am to 4.30pm at Primrose Hill Community Centre (upper hall), 29 Hopkinsons Place (off Fitzroy Road), London NW1 8TN
  • £25 (£20 for season ticket holders)
Cheques payable to Balkanplus.  Send with SAE to Maureen Felton 28 Henslow Road, Ipswich IP4 5EG

Note that the workshop is followed by the Balkanplus monthly dance at Cecil Sharp House featuring Ventzi and Oxford Balkansko Oro.

The Balkanplus flyer for this event is available below:

16th and 17th September - Iliana Bozhanova and Todor Yankov

  • Saturday:  10.30am to 4.30pm at Primrose Hill Primary School, Princess Road, Regents Park, London NW1 8JL
  • 5pm to 10pm at Primrose Hill Community Centre (lower hall), 29 Hopkinsons Place (off Fitzroy Road), London NW1 8TN
  • Sunday:  10.30am to 4.30pm at The Place, 17 Duke's Road, London WC1H 9PY (venue to be confirmed in May)
  • Saturday:  £40  (£35)
  • Sunday:  £25  (£20)
  • Weekend package:  £60  (£50)
Early bird prices (in brackets) are offered until the end of July.

Balkanplus season ticket prices are £30 (Sat) £15 (Sun) £40 (weekend).

Cheques with SAE to Maureen – as above

The Balkanplus flyer for this event is available below: