Welcome to Balkanplus

Founded in 1986 to provide a regular forum for Balkan folklore enthusiasts, Balkanplus organises monthly dances at Cecil Sharp House - home of the EFDSS.  The "plus" is in Balkanplus because we like to include a sprinkling of popular dances from other parts of the world in our programmes.

The monthly dances take place, whenever possible, on the second Saturday of each month, except August (no meeting).  7pm to 10pm in the lower hall (Trefusis) at Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regents Park Road, London NW1 7AY.  Entrance price 6 or 8 (live music months).  An annual 50 season ticket is available which also gives the holder preferential rates for other Balkanplus events.

Check the diary page for additional events such as workshops held in conjunction with the regular Balkanplus dances. 

Balkanplus has successfully developed as the major regular Balkan dance event in London, and we are always delighted to welcome enthusiasts from other regions and countries.  We look forward to greeting you.

Brian Dowsett, Chairman